Motorcycle and Scooter Towing & Assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff you wanted to know, so you asked. Several times.

How much do you charge?

A reasonable fee.

Can you give me a ballpark?

Camden Yards.

If I tell you the year/make/model of my bike, give you the pickup and delivery addresses and tell you a good time when I could meet you at the bike, can you make me a quote?


Can I get a discount?

Sure! Just tell me how far you’d like to push your bike.

Is your price negotiable?


Why not?

Because I am unable to negotiate the price of gas, insurance, licensing, taxes, equipment, maintenance, and most other items.

Why are you so expensive?

Because rent ain’t cheap and I gotta eat.

Why are you so affordable?

Not trying to make a killing, just trying to make a living.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash or credit/debit cards. If you’re paying cash, please keep in mind that I don’t carry change.

Do you accept tips?

Always appreciated, never expected.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. I am a licensed vehicle transporter with motor cargo insurance up to $100,000.

Do you work with AAA?

Although I cannot bill AAA directly, you can pay me out-of-pocket and submit your receipt for reimbursement if they are unable to get a truck to you. AAA and several other roadside assistance programs require a specific kind of insurance called “on hook insurance”. This coverage is only available on tow trucks and is not available for my vehicle. And I don’t want a tow truck.

Can you bill my insurance company?

In most cases, as long as I am dispatched by the claims agent, I can submit a bill to them directly for payment. You can usually request Lowside specifically. If I am unable to bill directly, I always provide a receipt with all of the information required by the insurance companies in order for them to reimburse you.

What do you ride?

I have a 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport, a 2004 Suzuki DRZ 400, and a 2006 Suzuki SV650 track bike.

Can you come pick up this bike? I don't know whose it is and it's been here forever!

I do not pickup bikes for impound. If there is an unwanted vehicle that hasn’t been moved in a while, you can call parking enforcement or the police if you think it might be stolen.

Can you pick up a bike with the steering locked?

Unfortunately, no. I use a trailer to transport bikes and the bike needs to be able to roll in order for me to load it.

How far do you go to pick up bikes?

It depends on the time of year and my schedule at the time. As most of my customers schedule appointments, I am sometimes booked up and unable to assist a stranded rider. I will do my best to re-arrange my schedule to help you out, or refer to you to another service. As far as transport, I can pickup or drop off anywhere in Washington state. Because my rates are geared more towards short haul trips, it can be expensive for a long distance tow. For these situations, I can refer you to another service that may be more economical.

What bike do you tow most often?

Probably Kawasaki Ninja 250s. Not necessarily because they are unreliable, but because there are so many of them and they are a popular bike for new riders who are learning about what happens in the spring when you don’t ride all winter.

How did you get the idea to start this business?

Before moving to Seattle in 2004, I lived in San Francisco. In my time there as a rider I learned about a service called CC Rider Tow which was every shop’s suggestion for motorcycle towing. I never had to use him, but I knew he was there. Later, in Seattle I was in a situation where I needed to move a bike that was not running. I didn’t want to call a tow truck because I had no idea how they would treat my bike and I knew it would be very expensive. In the end, I was able to borrow a truck from a friend, but it made me realize that the motorcycle towing option that existed in San Francisco did not exist here in Seattle. I decided to start the business myself. I called up Mark from CC Rider Tow and he shared the wisdom he gained from years of experience. He deserves a lot of credit for what he provides to the motorcycle community of San Francisco and the help he provided me in starting my business.

Can you pick up my bike if I'm not there?

As a licensed vehicle transporter I need the owner’s permission to pickup a bike so, in most cases, no.

What does "T & A" stand for?

Transport and Assistance. Also, Tasteful and Appropriate.

Are you a mobile mechanic?

I do not offer any maintenance or repair services.

Do you repair tires?

If you are stranded with a flat I am happy to bring you to a shop of your choice, but I do not repair tires.

My bike needs work. Where should I bring it?

Based on what bike you have and where you are located, I am happy to provide a referral to a shop in the greater Seattle area. These are based on who works on the type of bike you have and who is closest to you. I do not receive any money from shops to suggest or promote their services.

What shop do you work for?

I work for myself and for you.

What do your knuckle tattoos say?

They say that I sometimes make impulsive decisions with long term consequences.

How can you be so skinny and live so phat?

You know why? Cause I’m the maestro.