Motorcycle and Scooter Towing & Assistance

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About Lowside

Lowside was started in 2009 by Tim Miller, a transplant from Maine working in Seattle as a barista. Having spent some time in San Francisco, where CC Rider Tow offered motorcycle-specific towing, it was assumed that another thriving motorcycle community deserved a service dedicated to the safe and efficient transport of motorcycles to local shops and residences.

After finding himself in the position where such a service was needed, Tim decided to start the business himself. Lowside strives to give exemplary customer service to all riders, delivering their vehicles safely and responsibly at a fair price.

About Tim

Tim MillerTim owns several bikes and rides anywhere from trails to track days. He has ridden the Oregon Discovery Route and the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route as well as many highways and byways on the East and West Coast. His favorite part of running Lowside is meeting the people who make up Seattle’s motorcycle community and helping them when he can.


Lowside TruckLowside uses a Drop-Tail flat bed trailer. The trailer is equipped with front wheel chocks for motorcycles and scooters which can be removed for sidecars and ATVs. We can haul up to three bikes at once depending on the make and model.