Lowside is closing…

In 2009 I attempted to fix one of my own motorcycles and realized that I was not qualified to do so. There wasn’t a service available in Seattle that fit my needs; motorcycle specific, short-haul transport, to a shop. A tow truck seemed too expensive and also risky since I couldn’t find one that stood out as a good option for motorcycles. I was ready for a change in jobs and my interest in motorcycles was a good match so I thought, “What the heck? Let’s see what happens…” Lowside was born.

Ten years later the business has grown tremendously and has become a valuable fixture in the Seattle motorcycle community. I am very proud of that and I have enjoyed that position immensely. That said, it’s time for something new.

To my customers…

During the ten years of running Lowside, I’ve met many of the characters that make up Seattle’s riding community. Most of you were happy to see me which really made my day. I genuinely enjoyed meeting you; learning about the interesting lives you lead, what you loved about riding a motorcycle, the trips you had planned, the commute you crushed on the regular. I sincerely appreciate your support of my business. As the sole employee, your support of Lowside supported my life in Seattle. It kept a roof over my head and coffee in my veins. It enabled my adventures on and off a motorcycle. I enjoyed my job largely because of you, so I want to thank you for making my job more enjoyable. Please don’t forget that local motorcycle businesses are the pillars of the local motorcycle community. They are a tremendous resource for advice, support, and disposal of disposable income. Support the businesses that support you. It means a lot in this economy.

To the shops…

I received a tremendous amount of support from you all, a lot more than just the use of your restrooms. Most of the shops I visited served as clubhouses of sorts where I could chat with my motorcycle industry cohorts. Thank you for all your help fixing my trailer, keep my air tank filled, laughing at my jokes, and not judging me for my lack of mechanical know-how. I hope you’ll still recognize me when I come around in civilian clothes. I promise not to venture where I’m not allowed in accordance with your insurance policy.

So, many thanks to all who been involved in Lowside’s success and growth over the years. It’s been a fun ride while it lasted. Maybe if we meet again, we’ll both be on two wheels!

Ride safe,

Tim “T Dog” Miller